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Salvador Mallen i Civit (This is a Catalan name. The first family name is Mallén and the second is Civit),(Catalan pronunciation: [səɫβəˈðo]) is a young catalan and talented creative, educated at Jaume I University of Castellon (Industrial Design Engineering) and graduated at University of Valencia (Fine Arts) in the south west of Europe, Spain.

Painting, Sculpture, Design, Engineering, Photo, Video... Salvador Mallen is a creative and critical observer, continuously working to improve what is around him.

Sal Mallen has participated in a wide range of International trade fairs and exhibitions, his works are spread across half of Europe in public and private collections. He has been awarded several scholarships and design prizes, including the 2006 CEVISAMA design awards (cevisama news nº13 ing.pdf).

The bold and fresh design in innovative and traditional constructions is the sign of an artist with daring and good taste.


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