2006 CEVISAMA, Indistile, Industrial design awards

Winner of the first price. Project name: "vida"

Introduction: The winners of the Indistile awards for industrial design in ceramic tiles also received their prizes during this ceremony. One of the winners was Salvador Mallén Civit of the San Carlos Fine Arts Faculty in Valencia, whose “vida” (“life”) project earned him an award.

Jury opinion: The jury highlighted the project’s contribution to tiles as it breaks with classic two-dimensionality and replaces rigidity with sinuous curves that bring the tile to life, giving the impression that they flow off the wall. The jury also appreciated the elegant shape of the tiles and the process involved in their conception.

Design features: These tiles can be used in infinite variations: two of the modules can easily be split into four and the tiles can be combined freely with any commercially available 20x20cm tile. They can then be used, as their designer has explained, to create borders or coverings for exterior walls or roofs.

These tiles can also improve living conditions: changing the filling in the relief will afford heat and sound insulation, whilst the shape of the tiles means that they dampen sound indoors. Salvador Mallén’s “vida” project can be used to house water pipes and high-tech cabling, which, looking ahead to the future, gives them added versatility. This design is currently patent pending.


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