To Design is the process of Creation, with all the meanings that this risky word might involve. (that quote is mine;)

Logics, Sustainability, Functionality, Cost Reducing and Efficiency are for me as much important as Aesthetics, all vital factors of my design philosophy. I've been highly influenced by Japanese traditional design, by Bauhaus school, by rationalism and by minimalism.

I might be a Thinker or an Idealist but above all I am a doer: Here I will show some of my design works, that I concentrate in short key words such as vida, anna, espai cubic, car, flow, sit,... I will systematically present more of my works as I develop this web page.

A lot of people tend to wonder why I create in so many fields? It is very uncommon for artists to create in a lot of lines of work at similar time. There aren't any things I like more or less. I love all I do and it flows from me naturally.

That just should be seen as one of my characteristics which perhaps comes from a constant need of development and learning, and the will to bring my ideas to life. (and I guess a kind of being fanatical about improving the world and an insane creative obsession maybe too :)


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