Trens (trains) is a series of pencil/pen sketches on paper that were drawn by the artist each month since 2001, during his travels around Europe. All sketched figures are random people traveling to different places for different purposes, all ages and nations. The artworks are fully improvised.

None of the travelers were aware of being drawn which was the intention of the artist, so that the models would stay in their natural positions.

The artist never could be sure when the traveller will get off the train or when he will move, changing his position. For that reason the sketch had to be done quickly, leaving the artist with several minutes for each drawing. Some of them took less than 5 minutes.

This collection pays attention to the action and beauty happening inside the train, opposite to what we tend to do while traveling- observe the landscapes outside the window. The sketches may hold just anyone so you might as well find yourself in one of them.

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