cuina (kitchen) is a series of oil on canvas art works 2x2m

Based on a thesis project about university life and in particular into where you cook, a place that I feel magical and inspiring. Place where it is mixed survival and pleasures of the senses, where you eat and talk, where students meet to discuss who pays, who buy milk or who will scrub the dishes. 

A little world where every house is different, but similar, pure politics, where a leader who best and holds dirt debris accumulated for others trying these two are not the same person. Alchemy is a center where students experiment with the ingredients or sometimes with anything edible lunchbox home when parents begins to run out. 

Where the lessons of economy and finance are inevitable and necessary, and where hunger is close to the pocket costs analyzed and studied investments in new products, which accumulates in the refrigerator macroeconomics. Real center of ecological practices which are conscious of the environment, and where begins each reuse, reduce and recycle materials, and decide when a product is expired. A place for other vital social life, to share and distribute is beginning to learn.

latest art exhibitions from ‘cuina’: 
     2012 - “cuina” at the ART gallery Essen, Germany 2012-12 to 2012-02.


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