'aigua' (water) is the name for all my art creations with the only intention of retaining the beauty observed in that precise moment. And I used this fuid name cause these works flows naturally from my brush.

These are works painted from reality, in real time, and are influenced by Cézanne, young Picasso on Blue and Pink periods, Vincent van Gogh, Gauguin, young Kandinsky periods, and some Impressionism and Expressionism Theories and Techniques.

But make no mistake, when I say that it flows naturally on real time, I do not mean spontaneous or accidental action but strong sketches base background, thought-through design and real structural aesthetics.

The painting techniques are various as the themes: Oil on Canvas, Oil on wood, acrylics and sometimes pencils or pastel oil colors as well.

Last Art Exhibitions from ‘aigua’:

        2013   ‘SOMMER’ at ARTgalleryEssen,

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