What is art? After 6 years of studying in the Art University and achieving an Official PhD in Art Production, it still remains a tough question to answer.

I realized that I spot the beauty (I guess like any mortal does). But I'm also capable to retain the allure of the moment in work with a brush, pencil or just my hands. Is that art? actually I couldn't care less. I just know that I love the result, and it hurts to sell my art work. It became a part of me, like a son.

Here I will show some of my work lines, that I concentrate in short key words such as colors, trens, face, cuina... I will systematically present more of my works as I develop this web page.

A lot of people tend to wonder why I create in so many fields? It is very uncommon for artists to create in a lot of lines of work at similar time. There aren't any things I like more or less. I love all I do and it flows from me naturally.

I guess it just should be seen as one of my characteristics which perhaps comes from a constant need of development and learning, and the will to bring my ideas to life. (and I guess a kind of insane creative obsession too :)

some of my

work lines

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